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Black Crow Magical Bracelet 

Handmade gemstone bracelet with healing qualities. 


There only exist one bracelet of each unit. Every bracelet is unique. 


Blue Charm Gemstone Bracelet healing qualities:


Blue Frosted Agate - Heart Chakra

✨️ Freedom

✨️Immune system


✨️ Unconditional love

✨️ Loyalty

✨️ Neutralize anger

✨️ Free your speach.

Howlite - Third Eye Chakra


✨️Soothes body, spirit & mind

✨️Calming Heartbeat

✨️ Memory

✨️ Remove anger

White Opal - Crown Chakra

✨️ Protection from negative energies

✨️ Living "The Now"

✨️ Calming overactive minds

✨️ Purity & Love

Blue Amazonite - Throat Chakra
✨️ Truth

✨️ Harmony

✨️ Communication

✨️ Clairity

✨️ Calm

✨️ Flow.

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Blue Charm Gemstone Bracelet

Varenr.: 333105
kr 185,00 Regulær pris
kr 149,85Salgspris
  • Gemstones braclelets can be cleaned from energy, covering them in water mixed with himalaya salt for a day or two. 

    Sizes of the bracelets variate. 

    All bracelets comes in a jezlerybox. Ready for gift wrapping.