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Clear Blue Sky Bracelet (Lapis Lazuli)

Blue Frosted Agate - Heart Chakra
✨️ Freedom

✨️Immune system


✨️ Unconditional love

✨️ Loyalty

✨️ Neutralize anger

✨️ Free your speach.

Aventurin Blue - Heart Chakra
✨️ Stone of prosperity

✨️Diffusing negative emotions

✨️Reinforcement of leadership




✨️Intellectual and emotional body


Blue Amazonite - Throat Chakra
✨️ Truth

✨️ Harmony

✨️ Communication


✨️ Calm

✨️ Flow

Hematite - Root Chakra





Lapis Lazuli - Throat & Third Eye Chakra
✨️Truth teller stone

✨️ Ward of psychic attacks


✨️ Communication


✨️Opening the mind

✨️ Creativity.

Clear Blue Sky Bracelet - Lapis Lazuli

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