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Clear Blue Sky Bracelet

Aventurin Blue & Matte Green - Heart Chakra
✨️ Stone of prosperity

✨️Diffusing negative emotions

✨️Reinforcement of leadership




✨️Intellectual and emotional body


Blue Amazonite - Throat Chakra
✨️ Truth

✨️ Harmony

✨️ Communication


✨️ Calm

✨️ Flow.

White Opal - Crown Chakra
✨️ Protection from negative energies

✨️ Living "The Now"

✨️ Calming overactive minds

✨️ Purity & Love.

Blue Turquoise - Throat Chakra
✨️ Mood swings

✨️Heals present and past life

✨️Connection with spirits



Clear Blue Sky Bracelet

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