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Purple Drops Bracelet

White Opal - Crown Chakra
✨️ Protection from negative energies

✨️ Living "The Now"

✨️ Calming overactive minds

✨️ Purity & Love.

Aventurin Green Frosted - Heart Chakra
✨️ Stone of prosperity

✨️Diffusing negative emotions

✨️Reinforcement of leadership




✨️Intellectual and emotional body


Green Donglin - Heart Chakra
✨️ Love

✨️ Balance

✨️ Longivity

✨️ Wisdom

✨️ Healing Relationships

Amethyst - Crown/Third eye chakra
✨️ Open consciousness



✨️Soulmate Stone

✨️Relieves stress


✨️ Inspiration

✨️ Cleansing

✨️ Afterlife

✨️Royal stone

✨️ Guards against physical attack

✨️Dissolves negativity.

Purple Drops Bracelet

Varenr.: 333112
kr 210,00 Regulær pris
kr 189,00Salgspris
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