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Black Crow Magical Bracelet 

Handmade gemstone bracelet with healing qualities. 


There only exist one bracelet of each unit. Every bracelet is unique. 


Howlite - Third Eye Chakra

✨️Soothes body, spirit & mind

✨️Calming Heartbeat


✨️ Memory

✨️ Remove anger


Crystal Frosted - Crown Chakra'

✨️ Thoughts

✨️ Cleansing Energy

✨️ Emotional healing and awareness


Persian (Purple) & Yellow Jade (Green) - Heart Chakra

✨️ Love

✨️ Balance

✨️ Longivity

✨️ Wisdom

✨️ Healing Relationships

✨️ Fertility

✨️ Self-love

✨️ Abundance


Green Stripe Agate - Sacral Chakra

✨️ Compassion

✨️ Generosity

✨️ Sense of justice

✨️ Mental & Emotional flexibility

✨️ Resolution

✨️ Decision making

✨️ Fortune

✨️ Attract destiny

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White & Green Jade Gemstone Bracelet

Varenr.: 333109
kr 210,00 Regulær pris
kr 189,00Salgspris
  • Gemstones braclelets can be cleaned from energy, covering them in water mixed with himalaya salt for a day or two. 

    Sizes of the bracelets variate. 

    All bracelets comes in a jezlerybox. Ready for gift wrapping. 

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